SnaggleFind challenges users to find and take photos inspired by thematic Hunts. Some of the Snaggle Hunts are more challenging than others, but all are open to interpretation. Share your collection of photos as an album with your friends via FaceBook or challenge them to complete a Snaggle Hunt - one of ours or one of your own creation. From kids to adults, casual photographers to pros. SnaggleFind challenges you to Find Your Own!

N-Tonic Announces SnaggleFind™ a Photographic Scavenger Hunt App for the iPhone

-First socialtainment platform captures iPhone users attention through fun competition -

Los Angeles, Calif. - August 7, 2009 - N-Tonic today announced the availability of SnaggleFind, the first socialtainment platform built specifically for the iPhone. The platform allows iPhone users to complete and share photographic scavenger hunts. SnaggleFind can be purchased at the Apple App Store ( today.

SnaggleFind engages iPhone users to complete photo-based scavenger hunts and share them with their friends and family. Users can simply complete SnaggleFind hunts and share their photographic interpretations with others, or take it a step further and create their own hunts to share a particular passion, educate and/or challenge others in the SnaggleFind community. Completed hunt albums can be shared through the innovative app-to-app sharing feature,, or through Facebook. Fun and community engagement are the foundations of the SnaggleFind platform.

Robin Cruz, a SnaggleFind user enjoys using the application with her son and shares their albums with family and friends. "My son loves completing SnaggleFind Hunts. When we go to the park he always wants to do one of the bug hunts - that's his passion these days. I love it because he is learning while having fun and we can share his finds with the rest of our family. He has gotten so into it that we even created a prehistoric bug hunt for our local Natural History museum that he has shared with some of his classmates."

SnaggleFind allows its community to share, compete and communicate with one another. Users compete by accumulating points based on the difficulty of the hunt and user ratings. Once a user accumulates enough points, prizes or bonus hunts will be made available for them to complete. Completed hunts are rated and commented on by member's of the SnaggleFind community. iPhone users can download SnaggleFind from Apple's App Store or from for $1.99 to start the fun and competition.

Debra Callabresi, president of N-Tonic, is convinced that SnaggleFind's ease of use and friendly, competitive atmosphere will attract iPhone users and keep them engaged. "We are very proud of the fact that this application has universal appeal because it is so easy to use and have fun with. We are also looking forward to watching the community of users grow as we add new elements like prizes and branded hunts for promotional events like movies," said Callabresi.

N-Tonic, based in Los Angeles, CA, develops unique content for all digital based mediums including the web and mobile platforms. N-Tonic's initial offering, SnaggleFind, is the first socialtainment platform built specifically for the iPhone that allows iPhone users to engage and compete through photographic scavenger hunts. For more information, click on